Category: misc - Points: 75

Description: Surprise Surprise

The task comes with the file surprise_muthafuka.jpg. The extension indicates that this is an image, but when we open it:

image open error

Before trying to recover the image we check which file type it really is:

$ file surprise_muthafuka.jpg
surprise_muthafuka.jpg: Zip archive data, at least v2.0 to extract

Ok, it’s not a file but a zip. Let’s unzip it

$ unzip surprise_muthafuka.jpg
Archive:  surprise_muthafuka.jpg
inflating: password.jpg

There is a password.jpg file. The name seems promising, but when we open it:

password.jpg file

However, when we open the password.jpg file with a hex viewer, the content is more interesting.

password.jpg hex

Revealing the text:

Congrats young padawan! Flag for this level is: 3vilf0rce